The One Year EP

by Chaz Hearne & Alex Gilewicz



The One Year EP is a collection of love songs set in each season that examine nostalgia and how memories can change over time. How we forget the mundane to build the most perfect place in our minds. To create from this lens, each song was written in the opposite time of year to capture the essence of each season.

Hear the initial courting of the fall before plunging into the deep comfort of winter. Listen as the bouncy optimism of spring turns into the playful adventure of summer in an album that celebrates folk music in all its forms.


released June 3, 2016

Recorded by Chaz Hearne. Mixed and Produced by Nick Gunty at Fluke Studios in Chicago, IL

Chaz Hearne - Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Banjo, Saw
Alex Gilewicz - Vocals, Cello
Adrian Munive - Clarinet (Track 1)
Jackie Goodman - Flute (Track 1)

Album Artwork by Alex Manges


all rights reserved



Chaz Hearne Rochester, New York

Chaz Hearne is a folk musician who thrives in extremes. From intricate fingerpicked acoustic numbers to all-out rock anthems, everything is topped off with thoughtful melodies and a barely restrained enthusiasm.

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Track Name: Spell
Let's go live up on that hill
Cause you're looking like you want it still
Wondering where we go from here
But you're heading toward the shore

More could not be said
We stayed all day
All day long

While you tend to your garden spread
I'm out of doors and listening
A funny thought pops in your head
The clock unwinds and we do too

In a spell
We've thought it through
Track Name: Enter Autumn
Why don't we go into the garden
Before it gets too cold
For us to grow

You never were one for the maudlin
You'd sit and shake your head
But there's a glow

Daylights come with freeze
Winds replacing the breeze
Inside you're dancing
Only I can see

Such a strong heart
Such a strong heart
Such a strong heart

Why don't we go see everything
Before we get too old
And the sun goes down
Track Name: Winterthoughts
Winter's fine
I'll always count on you
Looking right
I knew what you would do

Moving fast
Going towards the cold
Feeling bold
In your own quiet way

You see
I'll always count on you
You see
I always count on you

We go outside
To see what's been made
We go all night
Hope it don't change

I'll always count on you
You see
I'll always count on you
Track Name: Go Back
Go back you will
Go back
Go back you will
Go back
I saw your face show that

I saw Pittsburgh through you
I saw Webster through you
I saw Pittsburgh with you
I saw Webster with you

Yes We Will
Track Name: Yes We Will (Springthings)
Yes We Will
Yes We Will
Yes We Will

Fort lit 1AM
You woke up again
Dreaming of that
Time it would thaw again

And then we could go to a
National Park
You said
In the dark

You go in the forest
I'll meet in the chorus
It sounds strange to say it
But if we play it
The way it was sung there was
Something strong
When you said we will

Yes We WIll
Yes We Will

All of those canyons
Oh it was magic
At camp when we played with those
Wooden spoons
For guitars
Track Name: In Summer (All You Find) Is Green
As we wander to the door
Inside seems like such a bore
We go running out for more
On the borders of your shore

As night falls into your room
Rub our shoulders lust it looms
Everything I want from you
We want nothing else to do
It's true

True we're right
What a sight
Hold tight
What a sight
When we go outside

All that you find is green
Yeah you find
You find
Go outside
You find

It's true we're right
What a sight
Hold tight
What a sight
When we go outside

All that you find is green
Yeah you'll find

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